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Our services


Consulting on cloud, container, virtualisation stack  ( Docker, Kubernetes, OpenStack, AWS ). Advising on suitable COTS and open source  analytics/ general apps, open source  OS/ tools / services.

Product Management

Assist/collaborate with product management teams within telco/CSP , Internet and IT service provider domain from define to design  of new product/service offerings leveraging  modern tools and technologies.


Training on container technologies, OpenStack, public cloud stack, Linux and open source technologies. Tailor-made courses spanning fundamentals to deep dive : give your IT Dev & Ops team the practical headstart.


Assist client partner migrate workloads to  cloud i.e. migrate an existing application within/ across Private and Public DC/Cloud service providers or setup a new platform. Scope covers feasibility check, application modernisation, load and performance testing, HA/HP design, security hardening and on-going production support management.


Fresh approach envisaged to assist academic institutes supplement traditional pedagogy with modern IT tools and services. Offers web and mobile apps for student information system (SIS), online admission/forms processing, alumni portal, learning management system...


CloudAPPs Suite

Catalog of on-demand SaaS cloud and light-weight applications for SMB/ social institutions/ healthcare industry across  CRM, trouble ticketing, project management, HRMS, billing, online data collection and forms workflow processing  health-care facility management, custom development...


Why work with us

Why work with us as our 'client partner' ? Yes, we are untraditional and do not believe in the classic client / vendor model. If you heard about us from your peers or other reference, and wish to engage and learn more about us - here are a few value differentiation and proposition :

low-leverage model

We are a team of  consultants with mostly full-stack experience. We 'low leverage' our consulting assignment using lean, productive and 'rightly' skilled and experienced people. We strive for  short turnaround delivery , get your teams geared to manage with proper knowledge transfer and then be available as a partner in future when needed. In most areas, we offer full service consulting.

independent, impartial and here to stay

We are an independent and a bootstrapped venture. We have been around since last 8 years,  albeit engaged in  low-key mode. Our client partner often entrust us to make selection of software, hardware, network product or service providers . We  do not  ( and will never ) have any interest  or favourites with external vendors and will not compromise on our ability to serve our client partners interests.

simplified, predictable billing

Our cloud services are billed on per user or entity model - with capped price elasticity. They are fast to deploy, agile, highly scalable, responsive, periodically enhanced and requires almost nil capex  investment with a predictable opex usage billing. Our CloudApp suite and EduConnx apps are priced at a very attractive price-points - one of the best price:performance:feature ratio out there.

work with us

The  technology landscape is in  constant flux. This demands us to be among those 'front foot-warriors' who perpetually reviews, tests new technology stacks and vets them for future client partner  or in-house project. We welcome interested professionals or entities on similar quests,  to partner and/or  cross-skill collaborate on any  open requirements - at either end. Use the contact form here to reach us.