Medical Facility Management

iX HMS+ is a SaaS based medical facility and resource management suited for small to medium Hospital / Institutes, Clinic and Diagnostic center.

A multi-user cloud based SaaS application under CloudAPP suite with essential day-to-day management of these facilities.


Core Modules


Overview dashboard appropriate to each logged in user profile e.g.  Hospital Administrator view system wide stats, doctor get appointment scheduled for day, nurses views event schedule, registered patients view their appointment schedule and so forth..


Multi-user account system

Provides master data and log-in for the following professional role:

  • Administrator
  • Doctor
  • Patient
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Laboratorist
  • Accountant
  • Receptionist

Onboard medical professional against above role and manage profile data.


Patient appointment Scheduler

Doctor and/or their assistant can create and maintain patient appointment schedules, view pending schedules and calendar schedules by day/week/month. Notify patient with SMS for reminders or schedule change. Registered patients (OPD/IPD) can also request for appointment with a specific physician. Internal private messaging between patient and doctor/assistant.


Patient case file management

Complete electronic patient case file management including prescription and diagnosis report, medication history and associated medical reports management. Logged in patient can view prescription and diagnostic reports.


Bed allocation

Maintain list of IPD/OPD room, beds and classifications. Allocate beds to patients.


And more features…

Blood bank & medicine inventory and donor details, Noticeboard, invoice management, operation/birth/death report, multiple interface languages…


Salient Features

  • Secure, responsive app can be accessed on mobile/tablets also. Based on modern web framework. (In works) encryption of patient case file data at-rest.
  • Affordable subscription fee based on medical facility size/beds and total hospital staff and physician count. No upfront Capex expense. Continuous feature enhacements.


More information

Download our CloudApps Healthcare services portfolio brochure here.

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