Smart Enrollment eXPerience

  • Manage huge application volumes during every peak admission seasons- take your admission process online
  • Reduce data input inaccuracies, omissions and errors to almost nil using data validated and logic driven application forms
  • Avoid laborious and time-consuming manual review of received forms at the admission office using easy-to-use data review/filtering/shortlisting tools
  • Reduce typical admission overheads by 90%. Process application 10x faster than manual process. Cut admission related costs and eliminate clutter
  • Transparent and friction-free enrollment process for both applicants and admission officers
  • Go paperless for all interactions with students, staffs and even external parties using EnrollXP. Efficient online collection and analysis of received inputs for all kinds of forms.
  • Setup automated document workflow based on the present system.

3-Step workflow


  • Design customized smart forms
  • Publish on institutes websites


  • Applicant fills online forms and submits
  • Get auto-notified on email. Institute staff(s)  also gets per applicant or periodic status updates as configured



  • Enrollment staff analyze data using EnrollXP tool
  • Generate merit / shortlisted candidates list for further process


Salient features

EnrollXP is essentially developed with an objective to make academic and other institutes go paperless and efficiently manage/analyze and process collected applications.  Here are some unique features of this online service:

  • Cloud hosted service. Any internet enabled device like desktop / laptop / tablet or a smartphone can be used to fill the online application and use the service
  • Easy client access tool to analyse data, sort, filter, short-list and create reports. Export data to CSV/PDF/Excel format for further processing and loading into external systems. Create and publish management summary reports and graphs based on data
  • Backend service is hosted on state-of-the- art cloud infrastructure at global datacenters and employ scalable cloud architecture. e.g. Can handle a heavy load of applicants  all simultaneously connected and entering data with no visible lag to applicants
  • Highly secure system with SSL/PCI compliance, two-factor authentication, DoS/DDoS protection etc.


More Information

Download our EnrollXP services portfolio brochure here.

Please visit www.enrollxp.com for more information. Alternatively fill the contact form here to request for information or schedule a demo for your institute.